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Who do you turn to when your job sucks, your kids are rotten, your marriage is in the crappers, you're old as fuck and you're furious about it? Your best friend. Well, so does Liv - a pissed off, fed up, forty-year-old fish out of water Bostonian living in LA. The only problem is - Liv's best friend Maureen died a few years ago... On New Year's Eve Liv decides to grab hold of her life. She writes to "The Bereft of LIfe Maureen" and makes a vow that she will clean up her act and get the hell on with it. Liv's story unfolds in monthly increments over the course of one year. She keeps all kinds of secrets but slowly reveals herself and deals with her road rage, her longing for female friendship and the circumstances of Maureen's death with humor, anger, indifference and margaritas. She develops new friendships with women, argues with anyone who'll listen, dates farmers, is fired, hired and struggles to be 'perfect' for her deserving, albeit rotten, loves of her life, her kids. 

The Novel

Based on the novel, each episode is a letter written to 'Dead Maureen' by pissed off, fed up, fish out of water Bostonian living in LA Liv,  who is badly dealing with her failed marriage and dating again in her forties ( because why not?). She's juggling her effort to redefine her life and reenter the completely changed, annoyingly millennial-saturated work force while raising two ungrateful but still lovable children and attempting to navigate the mine field of adult female friendships in particular with her Latina spark plug fellow school parent Lola. Liv struggles with the loss of "Living-Challenged Maureen" and her experiences run the gamut from new love, old love, loss, friendship, anger, humor, new jobs, old jobs, muffin tops and just plain drunken deflecting idiocy. 

The Pilot

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