Penelope Pine

Penelope Pine is lost and alone in the cold, scary garage that has been her home for months now. She fondly remembers the loving craftsman who molded her in his cozy little shop into a large, magnificent wardrobe. And that one special day, long ago, when she was purchased by a young couple just starting out in life and her dream of becoming useful and part of a family came true. She was devoted to her new family – she housed their many possessions with great pride and was always ready to serve them. But that was decades ago and time and her years of devoted service to the family she loved so well, had taken their toll on the old girl. The young couple was now old, the children had grown up and moved and away and Penelope Pine was no longer needed. One scary day, Penelope is cleaned out and cast off to the curb to be taken to the dump. Luckily for Penelope, and in the nick of time, a young couple, just starting out in life is passing by and they discover her on the street. They gleefully lug her home with them and the woman spends hours tenderly restoring Penelope to her prior glory. They then take Penelope and place her in the bedroom of their infant son where she will once again find a purpose, a meaning in life and will once again become part of a family.


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© 2016 by Marion McNabb Grace

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