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Trippin' Day One: That Old Cape Magic

Landed early in Beantown on a bumpy, all night, nausea inducing flight but this happened so very much worth it.

My sister and her two cherubs picked us up and after a car ride (with a vomit bag for me at the ready) we arrived at our happy place! Despite my incredible motion sickness and extreme exhaustion from sardine-like travel the magical pixie dust that fills the salty sea air in these parts wrapped me in her scaly arms and welcome me home.

We had a quick visit from dear friends on their way out of town.

And then a nap! And obviously after a nap and when you're on Cape Cod for less than a day one must go oystering with the girls in chilly Barnstable Harbor.

I love how my heart feels right here. The beauty can never be taken for granted. It's too grand. It's breathtaking. And beyond the picturesque beach where my fingers nearly broke off from cold and where the locals laughed at my 'thin blood' my good fortune brought me to quickly visit with friends.

Cute! But we had the boys back home and oysters to eat and it was getting cold and dark.

There's a storm coming in tomorrow and we've got a long was to travel into the Big Apple. My schedule is all out of whack but sleep is overrated and I've got some gratitude to share.

With just a short 24-hours on my beloved Cape Cod this journey of discovery has already yielded so much more than just these delicious oysters. Blessed time with family and friends, and basking ever so briefly in the love and magic of this wondrous place are gifts I was given this day. I don't take them for granted. I'm eager for tomorrow and all the days after that but I don't think there will be another lesson on this journey of discovery quite so important as I picked up in my few short hours back in the most beautiful place in the world. Go where the peace is.

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© 2016 by Marion McNabb Grace

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