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Trippin' - Day Two in the Big Apple!

Well out the door at 5:30 while sleep deprived and jet lagged ain't no picnic but it was worth it!!!!

We got ahead of the storm that blanketed the northern part of New England with snow - SNOW! We didn't see any, though, just the weird wet stuff that I think heard people refer to as 'rain.' Such a foreign place this non-drought-ridden land!

And we wandered traffic-less through four states. Some of us a little more 'present' than others. But that's perfect and exactly as it should be.

In New Haven, CT we made a pitstop at the simply awesome brick and ivy filled Yale University because - why not?

After a quick roadside pitstop and my first Dunkin' Donuts of the road trip(!) we soldiered on into the cold, hustling, bustling, cold, dazzle, dazzle, did I say cold?, big city New York! Amazingly we found our hotel and checked in three hours early and they let us into our room anyway. A quick freshen up and we hit the town.

First stop for this vertigo-afflicted trio was the bottom floor of the Empire State Building!

Next up was Times Square and the H&M store because you can't go to New York and shop in a store that you can shop in in Sherman Oaks - that would be crazy! There was a large police presence which was both startling and reassuring. It made me feel a little melancholic, wistful for a simpler time when Times Square wasn't a 'perfect' target. Anyway, as we plodded on we came across the coolest skyscraper in NYC - Grace Tower!

Just a soggy rain-soaked hop, skip and a jump up to Rockefeller Center to gaze at the beautiful tree. And you know, it looked so very much like the tree that towered in my childhood front yard.

An easy subway ride -

Brought us up to Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera. My favorite movie, "Moonstruck" had a fantastic scene shot inside and out of the iconic building. Inside are massive Marc Chagall paintings. It's kind of a dream for me as I love me some Chagall. We arrived soggy and were disappointed to learn we weren't able to view the paintings except from the exterior. But for some reason the nicest, coolest, sweetest gal who worked at the Met took pity on us and gave us a private tour! What?! It was amazing! She told us some facts on the history of the opera and led us to the beautiful paintings. The esteemed Juliard School was next door so we popped in.

We were cold and tired and personally I could think of nothing better than to watch my sweet boy inhale a curbside hot dog. He later said it was the highlight of the day.

As we wandered along on our way to Central Park it was difficult not to feel the energy, the vibrancy of the city. It hums. It beats along. You get swept up in it like the rain water rushing down the sewers. Throughout the day my mother and I stole glances at one another as we observed my boy and his wide-eyed appreciation for the pulse, the motion, the city. He was a bit quiet at times, overwhelmed by the movement and impressed with its accessibility. The timing seemed only too perfect to arrive in Central Park and specifically the tranquil oasis Strawberry Fields where we were able to download a message of peace and love by Yoko Ono. Her husband, and the Beatles, were the inspiration for nearly two acre spot. This was my highlight. And alas, the sun was setting just so, the rain had stopped, and the orange firey reflection off the skyscrapers blended into one giant blessing - a message of peace, I believe. Imagine that.

And this very last shot is exactly where my cell phone died. A few minutes later Mom's died and Liam's teetered around 5% until we finally made it back to the hotel. You will just have to believe me when I tell you that we found Trump Tower and I didn't graffiti it or anything! We sojourned on our cold, wet feet with no electronic map and after only a couple of wrong turns we hunkered down for Thai food and a martini and then found our way to wander around Grand Central Station. We came across an outdoor arts market in Bryant Park and Liam bought a few prints. And gratefully, exhausted and deserving of rest after the nearly NINE miles we walked today we made our way back to our hotel and up to room 813 and here I sit grateful as all hell and pooped. New York is always a special place and at this time of year she is in all her glory. Walking behind my mom and son today I became overwhelmed, consumed with appreciation for this amazing gift of time together and a shared adventure.

Oh, and this is the last photo my mom got before her phone died. Hmmm. See you tomorrow! xo

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