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Trippin'! - Day Three - Beautiful Things In NYC

Hey guys!!!! What a day! What a day!!! Great city. Great, great city. the NICEST people helped us out all over the place. Well... except for the jack hole who laid on his horn for FIFTEEN MINUTES outside our hotel this morning at 5:00 am. FIFTEEN MINUTES. 5 AM. Blurg.

But, once whatever said jack hole was finished 'celebrating' whatever victory he scored at 5am and I was able to reclaim the blankets from Liam aka "the blanket hog" I fell back asleep and woke up three hours later recharged. We had been up late the night before belly laughing at Nana and coining the new phrase: "NANAISMS" which said Nana earned for saying things like, "You know that character from Star Wars - Ja Ja Jinks," and "Oh you mean that musician from New Jersey... what's his name? The one with the husky voice, Bernstein?...."

Anyway - we got going ate a delightful continental breakfast and hailed a cab for Liam's first NYC taxi ride to travel uptown fifty-five blocks to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Later we raced back in the exact opposite direction in Liam's second NYC taxi ride to the Public Theater downtown. There my lovely friend Nia Vardalos performed in the play she adapted by the author of "Wild" Cheryl Strayed and directed by Hamilton director Thomas Kail from the book of the same name called "Tiny Beautiful Things." I found it to be big and beautiful, loving, moving and inspired. Mom and I really loved it. I am so grateful!

While we were hanging out these jokers met up in the lobby.

And as if it wasn't just amazing enough to hang with LA folks in the big city -while mom and I watched the play Liam was escorted off with Brian and Ian and had an entirely different, emotional, moving, and at times very somber experience at the 9/11 Memorial. Liam said, "It was powerful and really sad and kind of intense." I'm beyond grateful that Liam got to see the memorial and experience another aspect of this city and its heritage in such a dramatic, meaningful way.

After the play and Liam's touching visit the whole gang of us met up at Katz's deli. A New York Institution complete with an hour and a half wait that our friend Mark suffered through in the name of friendship and we walked in and dug in. You'll recognize it from the movie, "When Harry Met Sally." We discussed powerful things like "great pickles," and "Why is it called the Big Apple anyway?" No one knew. I've since looked it up and there seems to be a slew of answers - could be jazz musician coined the term, or a sports writer named Fitzgerald who covered the race track who overheard some New Orleans folks refer to the big races up in NYC as the Big Apple - who knows? The NY bureau of tourism revived the name in the 1970s and it's since stuck.

Post dinner we hoofed it back to the hotel. It was getting late and we stayed longer in New York than planned - but can you blame us? We grabbed our car and our bags (they were kind enough to house them for us all day) and hit the road for Philly where we are now, exhausted and cranky. We stumbled upon a hotel with a room with a view of the parking lot and couldn't be happier. It's late so we'll venture into the city tomorrow to explore Philadelphia on the last day of 2016! Can't wait! See you soon.... xoxo

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