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Trippin'! - Day 4 - Brotherly Lovin' Durham

Well, on this, the last day of 2016 honking of a different variety awakened me. A flock of Canada Geese hauling their tail feathers over our hotel, "Honk! Honk! Honk!!"

It was exactly 7:00a.m and I'd slept through the night which is a HUGE deal if you know about my insomnia!!!

So, to celebrate and also because it was part of our room fee - we started it off right with a continental breakfast and Liam's first ever self-made waffle!

We checked out and headed over to Independence Hall, the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution.

Here's our guide with the actual Declaration of Independence! ...

And wow - what a chair! If I could wrap it in a thought bubble I would! I mean a lot of wealthy white property owners with great minds, brave hearts and slaves (wtf?) signed stuff right here and, you know, George Washington sat in that chair, ya'll!

Across the street is the famed Liberty Bell. It's a real crack up. 😁 Yes. I said that.

Liam informed me he is now too old to participate in Junior Ranger Activities so I got a booklet, did the word scrambles and earned my first badge!

And then we ran into this guy in the lobby:

And then headed downtown to the Philadelphia Art Museum where Liam was not too old to old to do this:

And then we ran into this guy again. #stalker

And all that frivolity made us super hungry. My Philly friend Elise recommended Reading Terminal Market which was awesome! Mom and Liam grabbed some cheesesteaks from Carmen's and we stood in a super long line and got amazing handmade donuts from Biedel's that were delicious but maybe not the best choice for a long car ride.

There is a huge New Year's Day parade and folk festival in Philadelphia called the Mummers Parade. Folks parade around and compete in the following categories: comics, fancies, string bands, and fancy brigades. We couldn't stay and were bummed about that but we caught them setting up.

This was my view post D.C. beltway traffic en route to Durham, North Carolina!

Which was amazing and the truth is, I was so grateful and felt so blessed to bear witness to the grandeur and appreciate the moment. And then seconds later (as has happened literally hundreds of times already on this trip) Nana pumped the air brakes and said, "Watch out for this guy!" But that made me laugh, too, so still #grateful.

This was my view later while still en route to Durham, North Carolina. Nana was at the wheel this time.

Getting onto the ramp,

Nana: Where am I going?

Me: 95

Nana: 95 South, right?

Me: ...

We finally made it and checked in and had a delightful, delicious dinner at a local joint. Some of us seem more enthused about it than others...

I told Liam I'd give him his phone back if he hugged me and I got this:

Worth it.

One more Nanaisms from today's ride:

Liam: "Where was Nixon from?"

Mom: "California. Yorba Linda"

Nana: "No, Nixon was from California, Yorba Linda."

Sums up a lot.

Happy New Year! I will see you all next year! It's going to be a great one! xoMM

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