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Trippin'! - Day 5 - Georgia on my mind!


We had a great night. Not as great as the knuckleheads who were really, really, really ringing in the new year in the hotel room next to ours but a wonderful night indeed. We got on the road early but had to take a look at Duke before we left Durham, North Carolina.

On our travels we took a slight detour to check out some strange stuff like this, the world's largest chest of drawers in Thomasville, NC. Thankfully they were clean socks.

And then we diverted a bit to see this GIANT metal head! When it is not New Year's Day this guy's head reshapes again and again. But the head wasn't moving and the area was empty.

EXCEPT for this awesome Vietnamese market that was the ONLY store open in this ghost town. Here are some quail eggs and juices with basil seed.

We slogged through rainy travel that wasn't too bad due to the holiday I'm guessing and after passing through South Carolina without much fanfare we made it to Georgia and the Visitor Center with a mini replica of I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what because I was punch drunk from driving all day and forgot to look. There was also a display devoted to Cabbage Patch Kids and a GIANT bulldog. I'm noticing a theme...

We had the good fortune to idle next to this guy and his tail in traffic for a while:

Kicking it in the hotel after a long day.

We rallied and went to a local favorite for Soul food - Fried chicken, collard greens, black eyed peas, rice, brown gravy, candied yams and peach cobbler at Paschal's.

Grateful for this day... so much so that I burst into tears just thinking about it - not the safest when you're driving, but I couldn't help it. Road trips are an amazing technique to living in the present moment... You have to - everything's changing all the time. I'm grateful for the reminders and the glory of living unconsciously... 2017 - you're off to a really great start! xo

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