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Trippin'! - Day 6 - Dr. King's Thunder

Our Day began in Atlanta, Georgia. We ate a nasty breakfast and trudged through the virtually empty city to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National History Park. It was more powerful and emotional than I'd anticipated and left me in tears. What a brave soul! What a huge man! With all of the nonsense that is swirling around in this country right now it is perfect timing for my son to see and absorb what true bravery, honor and dedication to what is right looks like. We need more good men and women to step up and be leaders. To preach non-violence and then to live it. My son standing here at the church where MLK, Jr. stood as a boy and then later as a man spreading his message and dream is everything.

There were beautiful statues everywhere:

After this emotional, inspiring and sometimes melancholy experience we had to get on the road. Long day ahead of us and all Liam wanted was a waffle - but not the free waffle that came with our breakfast at the hotel but one that was less convenient and we had to pay for.

After a few hours we arrived in:

As we tooled along down 65 South we saw signs for the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. We weren't planning on it but we pulled off the highway and went in. It was only a mile off the highway in an old airport hangar. It was amazing! The heroism these men displayed was staggering. The racism they faced when they were fighting and then even more so back in America was staggering and so sad and anger-inducing.... Let us not forget....

Liam really wanted this $700 jacket:


And more rain!

In fact it was so rainy and treacherous - horrible! - we had to get off the highway three times and pull over. I've never seen it so bad! Thunder, lightning and buckets and buckets of rain. We got several emergency texts from the National Weather Service on our cellphones and on the radio warning us of flooding in the area. This time we pulled over and went to Shoney's.

Another pullover stop at a McDonald's/Gas station in Mobile, AL. Mmmm. Yum. Any port in a storm!

We cruised, white knuckling the steering wheel, as fast as the rain would let us right through Biloxi, Mississippi. We had planned to stop in and see the giant shark head but we were so behind because of the bad weather. We gained an hour once we got into Alabama and are now on Central time but we wanted to be in New Orleans and we finally hit the 10 West and shortly after that we made it! The Sugar Bowl was on when we arrived and we were lucky to get our hotel in the French Quarter. This is the goodie bag they gave us when we checked in.

It was 8:00 o'clock and we decided to venture out. Gotta get this shirt!

Could've used these oyster trays the other day!

Poor little alligators... :(

And Preservation Hall Jazz Band. James's favorite thing to do in New Orleans. It is in the French Quarter. It's an old, no frills venue with three shows nightly.

And after show we got cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe Du Monde!

We were so exhausted from our long arduous journey and it was midnight so we went back to the hotel and got a good night's sleep. My two roommates are sleeping right now. It's early here but I'm so excited for the many gifts this beautiful day will deliver. Every day there are many new discoveries. We are taking it all in, soaking it up and marveling at the complex beauty that is this country. I'm grateful, so very grateful for the experience, the time with my mother and son, the beignets... all of it. And also, I should mention... I'm more than grateful for the many, many things that aren't being photographed, like my son's hand on my shoulder yesterday and his words, "I love you, Mom." A good man in the making... that's everything. xo

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