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Trippin' - Day 8 - Deep in the Heart of Texas!

We awoke in Houston, had a quick breaky and got on the road to San Antonio. It was going to be a long driving day and we needed to make hay! But of course we had to pull off the main drag and check out this here giant watermelon behind the police station in Luling, Texas.

Here's a little something Mom snapped while we flew by at 80mph - the speed limit in these here parts.

Looks like a magical place! ... next trip!

Lotta' giant flags!!!

Gassing up at Buc-ees! Interesting for sale items.

Mom liked this one:

Good to know!

Pulled off the road in San Antonio. Food for thought:

And though it wasn't planned - in the chaos that sometimes occurs in the Honda Odyssey with mom and her best friend Siri (more on this later!) and Liam and his confounded phone/napping schedule (all day long) I slapped around some buttons on my phone (while driving I'm ashamed to admit) and saw San Antonio Historical, hit okay, and got map directions to this amazing treasure.

Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus - the patron saint of Texas.

We ventured a little further into downtown San Antonio and found - The Alamo! NO. We didn't see the basement. :)

We took a boat ride along the Riverwalk. It was very interesting and learned a bit more about the history of the area - the World's Fair in the 60s and the architect Robert Hugman. Our delightfully corny tour guide had a special affinity for a duck (no pictures below, because... come on....).

We happened upon this really neat store full of glass lamps (and, I believe, fairies).

We got back on the road... It had already been a really long day and the pace and the activity of the past several were starting to get to me... There's nothing like feeling the whoosh of a giant semi at 80 mph sway your car loaded with precious cargo to make you come back to the present and recognize how important it is to be where you are. Slow down. Be in the now...! And let Mom drive for a bit.

I dozed for a bit. I thought about what it means to have patience and what lesson I was meant to be learning by the on and on and on-ness that is Texas... I miss my daughters and my husband. But, instead of plunging down that rabbit hole I thought again, for the millionth time, about how grateful I am, how truly blessed I am, to be sharing this journey with my mom and son - especially now when all of us are feeling the 'everything' of being in a car on the hunt for culture, history, good times and fatty cuisine for over a week now and I'd been getting a little short with them.... And then very quickly day turned into night.

We stopped in Fort Stockton, Texas instead of pushing on further. We were just exhausted and needed a break. In my motion-sickness booked a reservation for Stockton, CA which had to be cancelled and then we went to dinner! EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!

Hushpuppy - I had to ask what it was so they brought me one to try... Truth is, still not entirely sure! Onions, peppers and corn meal mashed up and fried! But I ordered 'em!

Chicken & Waffles for this guy.

And then we got back to the hotel room - in Fort Stockton, Texas, not CA! And facetimed with the peeps back home... Miss them so...

I love this picture even though James will kill me for posting it! Off to sleep now and sweet dreams of having it all... xo

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