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Trippin'! - Day 9 - Spelunkering our way to the desert!

We woke up in Fort Stockton, TX. It was still dark out but we packed up and Liam enjoyed a nutritious breakfast.

The ride up from Texas into New Mexico was smooth and beautiful as we watched the sun rise and paint pretty colors across the sky. And we gained an hour! And we had finally crossed out of Texas!

We wound our way for hours along a two-lane highway and finally made it to Carlsbad Caverns National Park New Mexico! We took an elevator down 754 feet or 70 stories below the Earth. It was... intense... chilly, dark, damp - pretty amazing. We took a tour through the King's Palace with our docent - Ranger Windbag. He was very passionate and knowledgable and talked just too damn much but we learned a lot!

The bats have all flown south for the winter but they put on quite a show In the warm summer months.

Saw this on our way out. We were close to Roswell but had no time for alien abductions this go 'round so pushed onward.

We ate and got back on the road! :) Ahhh... New Mexico...

What the? Back in Texas!

But, lordy it is pretty!

We paused for a moment at Guadalupe Mountain National Park but the truth is... we were getting a little park'ed out so we carried on.

And look at that - back in New Mexico!

Las Cruces New Mexico for some shopping - Now that's what I'm talking about. Where's Liam?

Somebody found his new hat.

Mandatory pensieve cowboy pose post-new hat purchase.

Border patrol.


Pit stop at a rest area. Get it? Pit stop? Snake. Hahaha! Yes, that's right! Getting punchy from sitting in a car for days!

We're pushing on and moving ever closer to Los Angeles... One day at a time. Tucson tomorrow! xoxoSaveSaveSave

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